Our Resilience Program is a holistic and transformational approach to leadership and life, developed by 1 Change. It helps leaders to build capacity and holistic awareness in their professional and personal life with the aim to become more human, better performing and a true leadership role model that brings the best out in others.


The approach is rooted in the belief that every leader has access to their inner strengths and through that easily can increase their resilience within Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. 


Change and transformation don’t have to be that difficult. Over the past 15 years, we have experienced how leaders transition from a great performance to extraordinary sustainable performance by going through our Resilient leadership journey, where experiential learning and the building of effective tiny habits within 2-3 areas of our Resilience Model, helps them to become better humans and more holistic driven leaders. 


Our approach not only helps leaders to live more authentically but also enables them to become a true leadership role model that easily pass on their insights to others creating a new common inner language that deeply resonate and creates collective success within the organization.


Through science and experiential exercises, we profoundly address and solve the challenges that most leaders are faced with in both their professional and personal life. Our unique approach to leadership and life has so far been delivered to Executives, Leaders and Talents in 45 global organizations around the World.


Studies have shown that resilient employees:

  • Manage stress effectively
  • Build strong relationships and trust with others
  • Avoid burnout
  • View their work as meaningful
  • Behave in ways that are true to their values and beliefs

Further research shows that resilience leads to greater zest, optimism, energy, and openness to new experiences at the workplace.

Sources: “Resilience in the Workplace,” Positive Psychology (2021)

42 percent of employees globally have experienced burnout and other mental health issues since the start of the pandemic.

70 percent of C-suite executives do not feel confident about their organization’s ability to pivot/adapt to disruptive events.

56 percent of employees do not believe that they can always “bounce back” from hardship.

7 in 10 people worldwide report that they are struggling or suffering in their lives.

Sources: McKinsey, Deloitte’s 2021 Global Resilience Report, Gallup