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Ole Hoyer
1 Change

Michael Hansen
Swiss Life Network

The client

Swiss Life Network is a part of the Swiss Life Group, who is one of the largest providers of comprehensive life and pensions and financial solutions in Europe. 1.4 million private customers and over 50 000 companies trust in their experience for their pension provision, experience gathered over more than 165 years, and thus ensure self-determination for their lives.

Swiss Life Networks is a multinational risk pooling network with over 90 leading life insurance and well-being partners worldwide delivering comprehensive global employee Benefits Solutions for multinational corporations. They offer their services to +500 clients in almost 100 countries.

The strength of the network is the network itself. Learning from successes and trends in well-developed market and passing on the experiences to other markets, inspiring each other to make employee benefits even more relevant is a responsibility, and a privilege, for Swiss Life Network to take on.

The challenge

Swiss Life Network reached out to 1 Change to establish a strategic partnership on health and well-being as they had recently developed a new blue ocean strategy to bring more value and impact towards their clients.

In the past our conversations with the large multinational corporations were mainly focusing on our insurance products, the pricing of it and how to deal with claims. And to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, it was obvious that we had to do something dramatically different. So, we came up with the idea to start having conversations with our clients about the health and the well-being of their employees. And to make them realize that the more we together would shift our focus to the health and well-being of their employees, the better pricing, and services we will also be able to offer them in the future. This approach turned out to be a really good idea, and as these conversations developed, we started to build a network of global health and well-being experts, who could support us in offering new well-being services towards our multinational corporations.

/ Michael Hansen, CEO, Swiss Life Network

The strategic partnership

Swiss Life Network asked 1 Change to design a Resilient Leadership Program for their global Partner & Client Relationship Management Team with the aim to give everyone the tools and insight to increase their own resilience and well-being.

1 Change was invited to teach and train the global Sales Force team to better facilitate health and well-being conversations with their multinational corporations.

1 Change was joining Swiss Life Network in client meeting and events in Europe, US and Asia with the aim to promote the new well-being initiative.

The impact

The Resilient Leadership Program for the global team helped them to build their resilience and capacity over a 6-month period and for everyone to integrate new sustainable habits into their life. Also, it gave them the opportunity to share their own resilience & well-being story as they were meeting their clients, and started to have conversations on well-being and how their multinational corporations can take even better care of their employees.

1 Change trained the global team at Swiss Life Network’s headquarter in Luxembourg giving them a deeper understanding of our resilience and well-being solutions. The team also learned about the challenges that their multinational corporations typically are facing around resilience and well-being and how to initiate holistic well-being dialogues with both clients and the life insurance companies that are a part of the network.

1 Change participated in client meetings and conferences with Swiss Life Network in both Europe, US and China. The high lights so far have been 30-40 client meetings around the globe, where resilience and well-being solutions from 1 Change got promoted. Resilience Training for clients including Ping An which is one of the largest insurance companies in China. Resilience and well-being Inspiration to both clients and the life insurance companies at the yearly Swiss Life Conference in Europe.

The leadership program and going through the various modules together as a global team, strengthened the team spirit and inspired us to implement this new holistic approach successfully – not only within our organization, but also towards our global clients.

An impactful part of the training was wearing the HRV-device that measured the quality of our sleep, stress-levels and physical which the whole team (voluntarily) was wearing over 7 days – also during business trips and client meetings. Clearly it creates another dynamic when you talk to the client about the impact of that experience, again showing that we are taking our own medicine.


We never had the goal of becoming a company selling wellbeing, but rather create the awareness of the impact of our wellbeing providers, and hereafter let the experts, such as 1 Change continue the conversation with the client, jointly with the Swiss Life team.  


The overall vision is that insurance companies in future will treat corporates, who makes a huge, documented effort to improve their employee’s wellbeing, better than those who chose not to do so. With the support from partnerships like what we have with 1 Change, we believe we will get there. Let’s be honest. Insurance is important, but not interesting. Health & Wellbeing is both important AND interesting!

/ Michael Hansen, CEO, Swiss Life Network