The Resilience Program will increase resilience, build capacity and optimize performance in all aspects of your life – 1 change at a time.


Today, Senior Executives, Leaders and Talents are under constant pressure to deliver extraordinary results in highly competitive environments. Increasing resilience and capacity is therefore essential in order for them to sustain high levels of performance over time, while living a healthy and balanced life. The Resilience Program is for Senior Executives, Leaders and Talents who want to increase resilience, capacity and performance in both corporate and personal life.


Today’s economic and social landscape is marked by rising levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and disruption. Being an effective leader in this context requires courage, faith, and perseverance in the face of complex situations that are often painful and overwhelming. This can cause an enormous amount of stress that, if not dealt with properly, can cause critical damage to an individual and an organization.


Using our unique Resilience Model as the foundation, the Resilience Program is a holistic, experiential, and evidence-based program that supports Executives, Managers and Talents to expand their resilience and capacities as a leader. While every Resilience Program is custom tailored to the needs of the client, it always follows the same general structure consisting of the following components:


Assessment (4-6 weeks)

  • Resilience 360 – Unique assessment that includes 360 feedback from Manager, Colleagues, Friends and Family. 
  • The Bodyguard – Measures Heart Rate Variability to determine stress and recovery levels
  • Physical Capacity Test – Developed by our team of experts to give you the most relevant information about your physical well-being


Training (1/2 day – 2 days)                                                                                                      

  • Experiential education and training sessions focusing on the 12 Elements of Change
  • Theory and practices based on the latest scientific research, studies from leading business schools, and decades of personal experience
  • Includes interactive discussions, breakout groups, feedback sessions, physical exercises and individual coaching
  • All participants create a Personal Development Plan to be used during Integration


Integration (6 weeks – 1 year)

  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Facilitated group meetings
  • Mini-workshops
  • E-mail hotline
  • Resources including articles, books, audio & video



  • Increased performance and effectiveness in both professional and personal life
  • Discovering or refining one’s values, purpose, and unique talents
  • Discover and implement specific, life-long practices for health, performance, and fulfillment
  • Focused training sessions with up to 5 world-class instructors using innovative approaches to provide expert knowledge within: Performance, Leadership, Potential, Purpose, Intuition, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Physical Training, and more