The Impact Program leverages real-world experience in developing markets to generate business opportunities, social impact and future leaders


Only globally minded Executives, Managers and Talents can solve global challenges. The next generation of leaders must be developed across the organization in a way that equips them to solve real business and societal challenges. The Impact Program provides life-changing development opportunities for Executives, Managers and Talents by delivering innovative business solutions to societal challenges in 1-4 week projects in developing countries.


Strategic initiatives and business challenges require talents with entrepreneurial and multi-cultural skills, a global perspective and well-rounded experience. Few companies have leadership development programs that integrate on ground experience in key strategic markets. Moreover, companies struggle to deliver meaningful opportunities to match expectations of employees, who increasingly see societal impact as a top engagement driver.


The Impact Program from 1 change is an action-oriented leadership development program. It places Executives, Managers or Talents in short-term projects in strategic developing markets. Participants with diverse skills and backgrounds form teams of eight to ten people. They work for 1-4 weeks on site, creating innovative solutions to problems with new business opportunities. Projects are clearly defined with both commercial and social value – addressing either internally defined business challenges or work with key external partners. With the Impact Program, companies can add real value to the societies in which they operate, while at the same time attracting and retaining the best employees worldwide to drive innovation and change.


  • Develops innovative customer-centric solutions
  • Provides next generation leaders with strategic market experience, global perspective, cross-divisional networking and skills to turn societal challenges into business opportunities
  • Supports growth in strategic markets and improves reputation and presence locally
  • Enhances cross-divisional team skills, cultural intelligence and inclusive working styles
  • Strengthens values and leverages social responsibility to improve engagement, retention and performance.