Supporting teams of senior executives to shift company policy, structure and culture towards creating a more resilient workplace. 1 change consultants collaborate directly with decision makers in global organizations to take the strategies and practices that we suggest for individuals and implement them at a larger scale, with solutions such as:

  • Stocking the kitchen with healthy snacks that feed the mind for performance
  • Strategic recovery breaks to support sustainable high performance
  • Walk-n-talk meetings to increase productivity and wellness
  • Purpose discovery sessions to improve engagement
  • Collaborating with health insurance providers to take advantage of and build upon existing benefits

Our consulting engagements last anywhere from several weeks and up to 2 years, depending on the depth of the challenge and the desire of leadership to truly make a difference. It can seem impossible to change the direction of a large ship, but we are experts at finding the most powerful leverage points where the least effort results in the most impact.