Focused, personalized support for your continual growth and development. Our coaching sessions emphasize the 1 change philosophy – we help you not only to build on your strengths but also to identify where you have the most untapped potential, and support you to cultivate new behaviors that will create meaningful, long-lasting change.

Our coaching services are available in a variety of contexts:

  • Oneon-One: Stand-alone sessions for individual Executives, Managers, or Talents
  • Addon: Additional sessions for people who have been through a 1 change Program with their company (individuals normally receive 1-4 sessions as  part of the Integration process)
  • Bundle: Coaching sessions combined with one or more of our Assessment tools, eg. the Bodyguard, Resilience 360 or personality type assessments from external providers (Hogan, MBTI, DISC etc.)

In addition to coaching, we also provide Peer Circle Facilitation services. Peer Circles are an efficient and powerful way for teams to build trust, increase accountability, develop a growth-oriented culture, and improve communication and collaboration.