Resilient leadership

Your ability as a leader to effectively navigate challenges, setbacks, and uncertainties while maintaining your own well-being and being a role model for your team and the organization.

Are you resilient?

As a Resilient leader you can easily adapt, remain optimistic, and inspire others even in the face of adversity. This leadership style is particularly valuable when operating in rapidly changing and unpredictable environments.

The Lead Lab has designed a proven Resilient Leadership Journey for Senior Leadership teams that helps leaders and organizations to build resilience, capacity and awareness in all aspects of life.

Questions Resilience Test

Holistic Journeys

Experiential Activities


Your BODY is an incredible source of energy and intelligence! Walk n talks, regular workouts, and challenging yourself physically will increase your level of Movement. Healthy Snacks, a balanced diet, and staying hydrated will improve your Nutrition. Better sleep, regular daily breaks and taking time for yourself will boost your Recovery.


Progress and growth opens your MIND! Meditation will expand your awareness and give you a balanced state of mind. Adapting a growth Mindset will make you to see challenges as opportunities to grow. You will show more grit when things get tough and appreciate the insights from making mistakes. Getting the most important tasks done, avoiding distractions, and focusing on your long term goals will improve your Efficiency.


Your HEART is ready to sprout! Being open and trusting the guidance of your heart will help you to better feel and regulate your Emotions. Expressing your needs, being a patient listener, and building trust will strengthen your Relationships. Building courage, being open to feedback and stepping out of your comfort zone will open up for greater Vulnerability.


It is the driving force of your growth! Less multitasking, regularly switching off your devices and being truly there for your loved ones will increase your Presence. Doing good things for others, donating time for social impact work and taking in praise from others will increase your level of Generosity. Making a difference in your community and taking time out to reflect on the deeper meaning of life will bring you closer to your Purpose.

Resilient Leadership Program

Our Resilient Leadership Program is co-created with our clients and always include the following 3 phases:



We use a variety of assessments to collect valuable data on Senior Leadership Teams. This includes: HRV-assessments, 360 Assessments, Physical Capacity Testing, Advanced Health Testing, Trust Survey, Personal Questionnaires etc. We also prepare Teams and Individuals well for the Trainings by giving each Senior Leader confidential debriefs on their results from assessments/devices/surveys.



Our customized Resilient Leadership Training synthesize rigorous scientific evidence, deep personal experience, and a whole-person approach to create powerful opportunities for Senior Leadership Teams to develop and grow. We have highly skilled Leadership Coaches from Lead Lab that will facilitate and deliver the training in the prefered formats. Each training will be designed to be experiental, embodied and highly engaging. The Senior Leadership Teams will leave the training feeling inspired and fired up to immediately apply what they’ve learned.



We offer a range of ongoing support to ensure that Senior Leadership Teams are integrating new sustainable habits into their life. This includes: Executive Coaching, HRV-assessments, Webinars, Participation in Management Meetings, Access to Online Resilience Community, and the 1 Change Platform.

Building Capabilities

The Resilient Leadership Program help Senior Leaders to build the following Capabilities:



Emotional Intelligence


Effective Communication



Learning Orientation


Crisis Management

Long-Term Vision



“Highlight of the journey has been the onsite Resilient Leadership Training. Ole professionally moderated the workshop with an extraordinary capability of reading the room, offering support and knowledge, yet also leading the team courageously outside of the comfort zone. The workshop had a very special dynamic: heavy and light, serious and funny, with general and very personal insights at the same time. The conversations on the floor yet also in jour fixes have changed, often starting with sharing of new insights or successes in new practices. The team is more aware of the many facets of resilience. Development talks almost always include goals derived out of the program. Product design starts to be influenced by strategies how to implement and integrate insights out of the resilience program in the customer experience. The intervention has been very successful, the collaboration with the Lead Lab smooth virtually and onsite alike, and the learning experience and impact surpassing the expectations”

/ Sabine Weishaupt, Head of Future Leadership Design