Everything evolves and after 8+ years of great work as Energy Excellence our company has reached a new stage of its development, and that transition comes with our new name which will be 1 change.

It hasn’t been easy to say goodbye to Energy Excellence. However, we feel the new name much better represents our unique approach to developing Executives, Leaders and Talent, and we are celebrating this milestone in a variety of ways, including a new website, new social media channels, monthly newsletters, regular blog posts, educational webinars, app development etc. We are looking forward to creating even more value and impact for our clients, trainers, and partners who inspire us to do this work.

But first we’d like to take a minute to explain a little bit about what’s behind the new name.

Our company’s purpose has always been to unleash the potential of people and organizations by empowering them to increase resilience, build capacity and optimize performance in all aspects of their lives. At first we were focused on our clients’ energy levels, and over the years we’ve come to realize that there was a much greater need for our clients to focus on resilience and capacity building. 

We define resilience as the state of having the awareness, tools and skills to adapt to change with confidence. Building capacity means cultivating the awareness, developing the toolkit, and learning the skills necessary to be a better leader and person. Resilience and capacity are crucial for our clients because they need to be able to perform at their best in a high-pressure, increasingly complex, and rapidly changing business environment. The internal aspects of leadership – mindset, self-awareness, social-emotional intelligence, etc. – have become just as important as external aspects such as strategy, management, and execution.

We know there is a plethora of resources out there offering advice on these topics. However our experience has shown us that even when people are inspired by new insights and committed to making positive changes in their lives, breaking our old habits and carving out new grooves for better habits is not easy.

We have learned that the key to success, for both us and our clients, is to provide high-quality support for the process of turning inspiration into action and commitment into consistency. Through working with more than 2,100 Leaders and Talents over the past 8 years in our longer Resilience Programs, we discovered that people need to set realistic goals be equipped with the tools and skills they need to make their aspirations a reality.

It is not necessary or practical to say, “I’ve been living this way for the past 20 years, but starting tomorrow I am going to completely overhaul the whole system”. That often generates massive resistance and leads to overwhelm, disappointment, frustration, and guilt. Totally antithetical to what we are aiming for.

Instead, we encourage – actually, require – people to approach transforming their lives 1 change at a time.  After helping them identify two or three possible behavior changes that would have the highest impact for them, we intentionally limit them to choosing only one to work with. Once that becomes an integrated part of their lifestyle they will have created some positive momentum and we can start looking at the next change to work on.

Since discovering this key to going from good intentions to new behaviors to integrated habits, we have had tremendous success with our coaching and consulting clients. We feel strongly that our “1 change” philosophy and approach will continue to serve our clients well for a long time, and we’re proud to have our new brand reflect that core aspect of who we are and what we do.

Stay tuned for future blog posts where we’ll inspire you with a number of practical tips and tools for how you can increase resilience, build capacity and optimize performance for your organization and individually in all aspects of your life.

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