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Ole Hoyer
1 Change

The client

A large bank in the Nordics

The challenge

The bank had recently developed new corporate values and leadership behaviors that they wanted all their leaders to fully integrate and role model when leading their teams and employees.

1 Change was asked by the bank to co-create a Leadership Development Program, where the goal was to come up with content that could ensure that 600 leaders would be inspired, engaged, and fired up after the training to bring back and role model all their learnings and insights towards the organization

Our solution

1 Change and the bank spend 4 weeks designing, co-creating, and testing the Leadership Development Program, and fast concluded that blending the topic of resilience and sustainable performance with the new leadership behaviors and values would be an ideal approach.

The Leadership Development Program was designed and consisted of the following components:


The impact

The Leaders in average integrated 2-3 new changes into their professional and personal life after attending the program. Here some of the most impactful changes that the leaders reported back in the integration phase:

  • The leadership behaviors and values became an important part of most dialogues/discussions/meetings
  • Adopting a growth mindset when leading their teams (less focus on mistakes, more we instead of me, focus on the process instead of the results)
  • Motivating their teams through conversations on empowerment, mastery, and purpose
  • Creating a new holistic language and being present with their employees to talk about their well-being
  • From 6-10 cups of coffee and down to 2 cups daily (imagine what that does to a leader’s performance, energy and well-being)
  • Improved the quality of sleep with 10-20 percent (earlier bedtime, no devices into the bedroom, less alcohol consumption and redesign of the bedroom)

HR reported back that the program had been very impactful for the leaders, and that a lot of them never had a attended such a program before. This was due the to holistic approach and the unique design that 1 Change and the bank came up with in the co-creation phase.