The Bodyguard is an accurate and reliable method for assessing lifestyle and for helping you to optimize your performance. It monitors your stress reactions, recovery and exercise prescription and it is used by many including high performing executives and the best athletes in the world. The device measures heart rate, heart rate variability and respiration. The measurements are analyzed by a method based on 15 years of research at the University of Jyväskylä and Research Institute for Olympic Sports. The device is easy to use, unobtrusive and it starts recording automatically.

Activity & objective

Wear The Bodyguard for 72 hours and spend approximately 15 minutes each day recording key activities/events (eg. sleep, work, meetings, exercise, and recovery). The assessment covers both working days and days off, to see how various lifestyle factors affect well-being and health. The device measures heart rate variability to determine current levels of stress and recovery and to identify key factors in improving resilience, capacity and performance.


A detailed lifestyle assessment containing your personal results, which help you to understand exactly how different activities, events, and situations affect you physiologically. During a 45 minute debrief and coaching session, our team of experts will explain the results in depth and include recommendations on how you can improve the different areas of stress, recovery and exercise.


Identify stressful peaks and moments of recovery during your day. For example, a peaceful moment during the day can improve your resilience and lower your stress levels. Learn to identify situations that typically cause stress. It is not essential to eliminate stress, but to ensure sufficient recovery.

Physical Activity

You get accurate information about the health and fitness promoting effects of exercise and of energy expenditure both during exercise and during the entire day. Good physical fitness supports health and improves your ability to recover. By exercising right you can significantly enhance your well-being and avoid over training.


It is no surprise that sleep is the most important factor for recovery. The Bodyguard device measures your sleep duration, percentage of recovery and the quality of your recovery time during your sleep. You receive detailed information on your sleep, including helpful advice on the habits/behaviors that are weakening or supporting your sleep.