The Resilience 360 is a proprietary assessment developed by 1 change and covers the 12 elements of change from the Resilience Model. The assessment is offered as a pre-work component of the Resilience Program and as a high impact stand-alone assessment for global companies who wish to measure resilience and capacity for their most talented people (Senior Executives, Managers and Talents).


Measure your current level of resilience and capacity in terms of Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit and Recovery.


The Resilience 360 includes three distinct sections:

  • Self-evaluation (you answer 89 questions within Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit and Recovery to measure your existing resilience and capacity)
  • Professional feedback (two superiors and three colleagues answer 45-50 questions related to your professional life)
  • Personal feedback (three friends and three family members answer 45-50 questions related to your personal life)


The result of the Resilience 360 is a 34 page detailed report that includes the overall numerical score as well as valuable (anonymous) written feedback from all the respondents. 1 change will take each individual through a 60 minute debrief to analyze the results, and define specific changes/practices that each individual can start to implement into their professional and/or personal life.