The essence of our work is a co-creative process that yields a transformational learning experience that is original, fresh, and customized to the unique profile of the client. Your personality, your motivation for working with us, the specific challenges and opportunities that you are currently facing, all play a part in determining the solution that best serves your needs. Our Pre-Work Assessments deliver an eye-opening blend of soft and hard data to the table in a way that ensures a common starting ground and shared accountability. Through this increased awareness and insight, strengths and challenges are illuminated and viewed from the perspective of a growth mindset. Depending on the client’s focus and selected programs, we utilize one or more of our unique and powerful assessment tools:

  • The Resilience Test is a quick and simple self-evaluation that measures the individual’s starting point in the process towards a more resilient lifestyle, and identifies two small, concrete changes you can make immediately to improve your resilience.
  • The Resilience 360 combines comprehensive individual resilience testing with assessments of the individual by their manager, coworkers, friends and family. Results include thorough written feedback and extensive follow-up.
  • The Bodyguard utilizes a small wearable device that measures the individual’s Heart Rate Variability over several days. Combined with a personal diary, this allows us to pinpoint situations or experiences that cause stress, as well as positive behaviors and experiences that enable recovery, thus allowing us to work directly with the client’s specific life circumstances.
  • The Physical Capacity Test gives a comprehensive analysis of your physical health and well-being by measuring several of your body’s key capabilities and functions, and can be vital for early detection of any potential areas of concern.


When the Assessment results are in we analyze them, help you to identify the two or three key changes that will unleash the greatest potential, and get to work on making turning those into sustainable new habits. These tools are an essential part of the Pre-Work phase, and can also be used as Evaluation tools later in the Programs to track your progress over time.