The 1 change team supports the non-profit organization Periamma with consulting, training and donations. Periamma was founded in May 2010 by Ole Høyer and today, Periamma is an international Charity Organization with offices in Copenhagen, New York and Chennai.

The organization consists of 12 working board-members (7 Danes, 3 Indians and 2 Americans).  Periamma employs approximately 20 employees who works locally and for the 4 NGO-partners in India, Kenya, Uganda and Thailand. The employees dedicate a significant amount of work and passion to support approximately 4,500 children in our 20 schools throughout the 4 countries.

Periamma receives donations from a large number of private sponsors in Denmark as well as corporations like Microsoft, Juniper Networks Foundation, Lego Foundation, Citrix, etc.

Besides financial support for the schools, Periamma is also developing and delivering a number of high impact projects around entrepreneurship, micro finance, education and technology. These projects seek to unleash the human potential of the children, their parents and their local communities.