1. Recovery

Schedule 2 daily strategic recovery breaks (15 minutes each) Ideally walk out of your office space, take some fresh air, or sit down in quiet room and listen to a guided meditation or take a power nap. All studies show that this will optimize your performance with up to 20%. Sleep 8 hours with a quality of sleep of at least 75% (heart rate variability measured by The Bodyguard) Go to bed latest at 11 PM.

2. Training

Schedule three workouts a week for 30-60 minutes to get your heart rate up (cardio) and strengthen your muscles (strengths training)

3. Nutrition

Feed Your Mind for Performance by having 3 regular meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 healthy snacks maximum 150 calories in between (10 AM and 3 PM)


4. Presence

At home, schedule at least 20 minutes to be 100% present with your family each day. This will improve your efficiency at work and the quality of your interactions with your family.

5. Multitasking

Studies on multitasking show that most people are up to 40% less effective when they multitask. To the extent you can, try to focus on one thing at a time and finish a task before you start a new one.

6. Response

When you encounter difficult people and situations in your life. Try to feel the resistance, breathe deeply, and be curious and ask yourself: What you potentially can learn from this situation (instead of being caught in the situation).


7. Meditation

Meditate for 10-20 minutes every day – either in the morning, at lunch break or before you go to bed. Regular meditation practice is proven to calm your mind, increase focus, decrease stress and improve psychological and physical health.

8. Stories

On a daily basis – be aware of your thoughts and the stories that are connected to them. Most people have a tendency to judge, feel shame and guilt about themselves. If you for example feel that you are not good enough – then turn it around and tell yourself that you are more than good enough.

9. Efficiency

Swallow the frog, by executing the most important task as the first thing in the morning when you show up for work (without being distracted). Reflect in the morning – on your way to work – what you would like to have achieved today, and only allocate 60% of your time for it. Studies show that the remaining 40% of your time, you will spend on interruptions, unexpected calls, firefighting etc


10. Intuition

Practice on a daily basis to access your intuition, and use your gut to make better and faster decisions in both corporate and personal life. Practices that include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and being in nature will help you to improve your gut-instinct and further strengthen intuition.

11. Purpose

Continuously spend at least 1 hour every week to reflect on your purpose in life and ask yourself what you can do to live an even more purposeful life. Ask friends for feedback, and create a strong peer-group that is allowed to challenge you every time your are not on track with your purpose.

 12. Serving Others

Commit yourself on a daily basis to make a difference for a person or a situation where you can contribute to others. Don’t expect anything in return, and realize/feel that it makes you happy to serve others.

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